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Oct 3

"Chad" — 9/29/2012

Learn more about candidates Chad Anderson (“Family Man, concerned parent, active citizen, good neighbor”) and Shep DeVore (“shameless creep,” “notorious slumlord”) in last weekend’s “Chad” script. Now that’s a debate I’d like to see.

[More videos from the September 29, 2012 broadcast]

Politics is a wonderful way to make loyal friends: that’s one of the rewards. It’s also a fine way to connect to the real world around you. We tend to live in our own heads, in a swirl of prejudice and lovely notions and borrowed ideas, but when you run for office and start to think about the actual work of government, you have a chance to learn about real life —— about money, about poverty and illness and the education of children, about the construction business, about bureaucracy —— and that is another reward.


Garrison offers some advice for running a successful political campaign in his latest Post to the Host response.

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